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Feng Cai brand brass floor drain DL12-12F-05 1) From the main body of the product to the inner core all independent research and development every floor drain represents Feng Cai people`s spirit of precision 2) GB-hpb59-1 brass carved panel 3) Aviation grade ABS seal 4) Full cooper forged floor drain body 5) Gravity straight drain core 6) Silicone sealing ring 7) Mechanical gravity drainage

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1.Raw material :-------------------------------------- GB-HPB59-1 Brass; 2 Size:-------------------------------------------------120mm*120mm 3. Place of Origin:---------------------------------Zhejiang, China 4.Model No:---------------------------------------DL12-12F-05 5.Surface treatment:---------------------------Chrome plate,polished 6.Color: -------------------------------------------Chrome,Golden , bronze 7.Water flow rate:------------------------------36L/min-40L/min 8.Delivery time:--------------------------------about 30days 9.Export Port:----------------------------------Ningbo. Shanghai 10weight: --------------------------------------700g


Q1:What is the working time of your company? A:1)For workshop department,working time is every day,Except legal holiday.From 7:30-11:30;12:30-17:00(Winter) , 8:00-11:30;13:00-17:30(Summer) 2) For sales office: Domestic market department, on Monday-Saturday.From 8:00-11:30;12:30-17:00(Winter) , 8:00-11:30;13:00-17:00(Summer) 3) For sales office: Foreign trade market department, on Monday-Friday.From 8:00-11:30;12:30-17:00(Winter) , 8:00-11:30;13:00-17:00(Summer) Q2:What is your company enterprises history A:For Almost 20 years, Daqiu pays attention to the development of domestic and overseas markets, and has fully cooperated with internationally renowned sanitary ware brands such as TOTO ,Kohler ,Lens ,American Standard ,Grohe,Arrow.. etc .The products have been exported to Japan,Korea, some area of Europe ,South East Asia and other overseas markets. 2014.1  Taizhou Jiaojiang Daqiu machinery Parts Factory was established. 2015.6   Renamed taizhou Daqiu Sanitary Ware Co., LTD 2016.6  The company's high-end bathroom brand "peak mining" emerged 2017.1  Set up domestic sales center, formally enter the domestic market 2018.6  Participated in the 23rd Shanghai International Kitchen & Bathroom Exhibition 2019.6  Participated in the 24th Shanghai International Kitchen & Bathroom Exhibition 2019.10  participate in the Canton Fair and open the international market 2021.6  Participated in the 25th Shanghai International Kitchen & Bathroom Exhibition 2022.5  sooner Participated in the 26th Shanghai International Kitchen & Bathroom Exhibition Q3:What is the total production capacity of your company. A: depend on which products. For example,10*10cm floor drain,Production capacity will be 100000pcs per month.Welcome to contact!

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