Anti Cockroach brass Floor Drain Sewer brass Drainer patent core for brass drain Brass Shower Drain Kit

As we all know, in the kitchen and bathroom, people deal with water all the time, and it is hard to avoid splashing water on the ground in washing gargle. In order to maintain cleanliness, the floor near the kitchen, bathroom and washing machine often needs to be washed. The dirty water from washing the floor also needs to be drained by floor drain. But according to the investigation, ordinary floor drains often have the problem of emitting odor, mainly because the sealing of floor drains used by installation units does not meet the requirements. In a word, in the design of civil housing, floor drain installation in kitchen, toilet and laundry room is directly related to the immediate interests of residents. We have been in pursuit of floor drain design more reasonable, practical, hope everyone to care about residential drainage problems.

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 DL10-10FJ-02    (2)

Advantage sealing core

1) the use of aviation grade ABS material, mechanical gravity drainage 2) the use of reverse gravity balance principle, to solve the water seal floor drain easy to block drainage slow, spring magnetic suction floor drain long easy to failure and other technical problems. 3) Filter and core integrated design, easy to clean, easy to install, large displacement, faster drainage, displacement up to 40L/min

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